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The launch of the Datasat LS10 was the most successful event we have ever held. The Garret was able to attract press and dealers from across Europe. The event helped us dramatically increase awareness of the company and strengthen our relationship with key partners.
Ciaran Doran
Datasat Digital Entertainment is a recognised leader in the high end home cinema audio sector. Its Datasat Reference Series RS20i audio processor quickly established itself as a benchmark for power and quality. When the company began to plan the launch of its Luxury Series LS10 processor, the company approached The Garret to create a launch campaign that would maximise its exposure within the trade press and within a wider community of distributors and resellers.

The Garret developed the concept of 'The Game Changer' as the new product brought full immersive sound to the mid-range home market for the first time. The campaign featured a shadowy figure that was, at once, intimidating and intriguing. The launch event would mark the moment that 'The Game Changer' stepped from the shadows. The campaign was executed through a series of online and offline advertisements and invites for two months preceding the launch. The event was attended by many European dealers and journalists.

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